Our Core Values

We believe that a business should have core values that guide its personnel in the dealings of the business. As such, we have deliberated for long (three years to be exact), and have finally structured the seven core values that would guide us in representing our clients:


We are committed to an efficient and responsive service like no other. We are firm believers that excellent legal service is also derived from being responsive and constantly available to our clients (other than during the Israeli Shabbat period). We believe that quality legal service can be delivered quickly, and we maintain a workflow that limits us from accepting work beyond our capacity so that we provide a delivery pace that is second to none.


We understand that we are our clients’ trusted advisors, as such, we compel ourselves to act confidentially, ethically and in a transparent manner in all of our work, including our advice, our billing, our communication with our clients’ and any party transacting with our clients.


Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest. Shabbat happens each week from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. We are a Shabbat keeping firm, as such, we are available to our clients at all times from the end of each Shabbat period to the start of the next Shabbat period (Israel Standard Time), i.e. 24 hours a day, six days a week.


We believe that it is our most basic and fundamental duty to be loyal to our clients at all times - first come first served. No prospective client is above an existing client no matter how lucrative such prospective client's business may be.


We firmly believe that as your attorneys it is our role, duty and moral obligation to help you develop your business and progress, we therefore believe that most legal questions can be answered with a solution that would allow doing business. We understand that business comes first and therefore approach anything in questions with a “Can Do” attitude in order for the legal aspects to be serving the business aspects in every transaction (within the boundaries of applicable law).


We are a part of the team, both externally, by being the valued partners of our clients and an integral part of their team, and internally, by being part of an holistic team where each member completes the others. Our strength as a firm relies on stellar individuals combining forces and working as a team and in our combined experience and expertise but also on our ability to trust each other, regardless of the circumstances. We know that our best work is not produced by us as individuals but by collaborating as a team and supporting each other every day.


We are holding ourselves accountable for our actions, the performance of our services and the results of our work. We maintain that quality work brings quality prospects and our name and that reputation would be directly derived from providing service with quality that is second to none. Anything less, is a compromise - and our clients do not deserve to compromise.