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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our firm's Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice includes representation of a wide variety of clients including multinational and local clients in various fields of the law. Our firm's Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice has vast experience in handling small to large scale and simple to complex cases, while providing professional and extensive as well as in-depth legal advice according to the unique needs of each client on a case by case basis.

We specialize in litigation concerning financial, contractual and proprietary disputes, which, among others include shareholders, entrepreneurs, founders and partners disputes, disputes relating to shareholders' control struggles, shareholders' unfair prejudice claims. We have high expertise in corporate law and securities related disputes (including derivative and class actions) including proceedings involving innovative financial instruments such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and all kinds of trading platforms.

In addition, we have experience in numerous filings of administrative petitions on a variety of issues, including tenders and disputes with state authorities, and we have special expertise in insolvency litigation, including liquidations, receiverships, corporate recovery and debt settlements.

We proudly provide advice and counsel in connection with the following matters:

⫸ Dispute resolution of all kinds of disputes between entrepreneurs, founders and partners in all kinds of enterprises

⫸ Representation of parties to all kinds commercial litigation proceedings

⫸ Representation of defendants in complex class actions and derivative actions

⫸ Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in emerging technology related cases

We have been recently involved in various matters in the field such as:

Key Practitioners:

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