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We are Gil Solomon & Co.

A boutique law firm with big firm expertise and knowledge. Our firm was founded in order to do something different, to combine legal expertise with a dynamic, young, up-to-date and client-friendly conduct. While doing so we are still maintaining legal professionalism and expertise, responsive, transparent and caring service and a hands-on approach.

From the moment you start working with us you will get the notion that we are cut from a different cloth. We pride ourselves in being technologically oriented, with professional technological background and our staff are seasoned professionals that have been practicing law in the country’s leading firms prior to their work in our firm.​

Our excellence and expertise have been recognized by the prestigious Dun's 100 ranking which ranked our firm as one of the prominent firms in Israel.

Our firm is also a proud member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium along with some of the leading legal firms of the world.

To better know our firm and approach, we encourage you to read our Core Values that guide us in all of our engagements and in advising our clients.

We are also a community minded firm and as such, we donate as much as we can from our time and efforts to various causes and non-profit organizations on a pro bono basis.

The Team

We are a team of professionals with a passion for tech. We pride ourselves in loving our work and in providing the most responsive and caring service available.

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Gil Solomon
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Asher Avitan
Of Counsel
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Shani Abu
Office Manager
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Practice Areas

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Commercial Law

We advise our vast clientele in all sorts of commercial transactions and assist them in the negotiation and drafting of all sorts of commercial transaction documents.

Our clients are active in diverse fields such as software, cryptocurrency and blockchain, gaming, consumer products, defense and homeland security, media, fintech and financial services, academy, medical devices, healthcare and many more.

We provide ongoing legal support and advise our clients through all business phases from the development of their product to the negotiation of every transaction.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The Cryptocurrency (AKA Crypto) and Blockchain practice at our firm is what makes our firm stand out. Due to our technical background and Adv. Solomon's position as the in-house legal counsel of Israel's first blockchain fund where Adv. Solomon has acquired valuable experience which essentially led to him being one of the most experienced practitioners in the country in the fields of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Our firm has vast experience in the drafting and negotiating of all sorts of cryptocurrency offerings, investment documents and transactions, blockchain and cryptocurrency related business transactions and service provision arrangements.
Our Cryptocurrency practice includes the representation of investors in all forms of cryptocurrency investments, representation companies and entrepreneurs in all phases of coin and token offerings and pre-sale transactions, representation of liquidity providers, exchanges, service providers, consulting firms and other prominent actors in the field.

Our firm is also a proud member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium along with some of the leading legal firms of the world.

Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Our Life Sciences, Pharma & Healthcare practice includes representation of companies, entrepreneurs and Investors in the fields of Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Life Sciences and in all forms of transactions and proceedings.
We advise and represent clients in a wide spectrum of matters such as strategic licensing transactions and development, marketing or distribution agreements, clinical trial agreements and procedures, material transfer agreements, pharmaceuticals and material manufacturing agreements, etc.

High Tech

Our Hi-Tech and Venture Capital practice includes the representation of hi-tech and start-up investors and companies in all types of investment and financing transactions.​ We guide and support founders and entrepreneurs through financing rounds, executive compensation and employee benefit arrangements, commercial agreements and transactions, corporate partnering, intellectual property transactions and licensing arrangements with the ultimate goal of preparing each client for a successful exit or continued growth.

Our strong technological understanding allows us to understand the technological and business objectives of our clients and provide efficient and professional legal service.

Privacy Law & Data Protection

Our firm advises clients in all matters relating to privacy compliance (including local and GDPR compliance), data protection studies and assessments, audits, drafting and negotiating data processing agreements, preparation and implementation of website and app privacy policies, cross-border transfer of data, registration of databases in Israel and privacy related matters in the context of M&A transactions and other due diligence reviews.

We provide legal counsel on information system security, privacy and data protection as well as matters involving commercial cyber issues (including computer laws, dual-use technology export and cyber security regulation).

We are among the only firms in Israel to have the Certified International Privacy Protection certification in hand.

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property practice includes advising entrepreneurs, software and technology companies, investors and service providers in all intellectual property related matters and transactions (development, sale, licensing and re-sale).

As our firm is an expert in representing hi-tech companies, whose primary asset is their intellectual property, we have acquired the expertise in protecting the brand and intellectual property interests or our clients when necessary and provide strategic counsel which aims to avoid, as well as resolve, intellectual property disputes.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm provides skilled advice in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, from structuring the deal, negotiating the terms and documents, conducting due diligence, preparing of disclosure documents, preparing shareholder communications, drafting of governmental filings and obtaining necessary approvals, through to consummation, transition and implementation stages of each transaction. Our cross-border legal service and a select number of practice areas enables our firm to provide expert advice to local and foreign clientele.

We have advised purchaser, target companies and investors on a broad range of M&A transactions, including share and asset sales, Mergers, joint-ventures and reorganizations.

Pro Bono & Community Support

We firmly believe that pro bono work and contribution to the community are a privilege and are necessary for any business venture that wishes to maintain a positive and fruitful character. In our view, any business venture should aspire to positively affect its surroundings, clients, service providers and the people it is in contact with and spread a message of contribution to the community.

Our pro bono activities include providing help and assistance to non-profit organizations in Israel operating in fields we consider significant to Israeli society and its advancement, including legal advice to such organizations, mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs in innovation programs and providing legal assistance to the unprivileged. For example our office is proud to have had the privilege to represent Combat Ventures  (R.N.), a non profit organization for the purpose of assisting combat service veterans make their way into the entrepreneurship and high-tech worlds.

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