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Who Are We?

We are a different law firm. Our firm was founded in order to do something different, to combine legal expertise with a dynamic, young, up-to-date and client-friendly conduct.

While doing so we are still maintaining legal professionalism and expertise, responsive, transparent and caring service and a hands-on approach.

From the moment you start working with us you will get the notion that we are cut from a different cloth. We pride ourselves in being technologically oriented, with professional technological background and our staff are seasoned professionals that have been practicing law in the country’s leading firms prior to their work in our firm.​ We are also a community minded firm and as such, we donate twenty percent of our time to various causes and non-profit organizations on a pro bono basis.

Our firm is also a proud member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium along with some of the leading legal firms of the world.

The Team

We are a team of professionals with a passion for tech. We pride ourselves in loving our work and in providing the most responsive and caring service available.

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Gil Solomon
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Aviya Arika
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Asher Avitan
Of Counsel
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Shani Abu
Office Manager
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Gil Solomon
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Gil Solomon

Gil Solomon


Gil acts for clients in a variety of cross-border corporate transactions with an emphasis on technology related matters, cryptocurrency and blockchain, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital investments.

Prior to founding the firm, Gil has worked in the corporate departments of Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal and Fischer Behar Well Orion & Co., two of Israel's largest firms where Gil has provided general counsel to various clients and companies (both privately owned companies and publicly traded companies), with an emphasis on venture capital and private equity financing, technology and life sciences, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, as well as ongoing work in connection with the day-to-day aspects of various companies and clients.

Gil has also served as an in-house legal counsel in iAngels, one of the most prominent and active venture capital funds in Israel, and in iCapital (now doing business as 21M Capital), a leading Cryptocurrency investment platform, where he has advised and led numerous cryptocurrency investment transactions and had gained extensive experience by participation in various initial coin offerings which evidently led him to become  a highly experienced attorneys in the field of cryptocurrency to date.

Prior to practicing law, Gil has been involved in the High-Tech and Bio-Med industries in several positions such as Sr. Software Tester and Test Designer.

Aviya Arika


Aviya is a partner in our firm's blockchain and cryptocurrency practice and is leading all compliance and corporate structuring activities.

While Aviya's strongest expertise is compliance, she is also advising regarding the structuring of the corporate structures of cryptocurrency and token offerings and assists in the incorporation of any corporate entity required for that puropose on a worldwide basis.

In addition, Aviya advises various clients in all sorts of fintech matters, including, financial institutions, companies and individuals, and is well aware of their needs and how to address them, in light of the relevant legal frameworks within the banking, finance and fintech industries.

Asher Avitan

Of Counsel

Asher acts for clients in a variety of corporate, commercial and employment matters with an emphasis on employment related disputes.

Asher acts for corporations and individual clients on a wide range of labor and employment law matters, and represents clients in different litigation proceedings in various courts, including with respect to individual litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Asher has founded and running OvedEtzot, a portal for employment law and employee rights guidance.

Asher is a certified mediator and an adjunct lecturer in David Yellin college.

Asher is also a certified snowboard instructor and is an occasional marathon runner.

Shani Abu

Office Manager

Shani acts as our office manager and handles all administrative and financial matters of our firm.

Shani is about to complete her B.A. degree in accounting from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Jason Nuke


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Brian Day


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Practice Areas

Click a practice area to learn more.
High Tech

Our Hi-Tech and Venture Capital practice includes the representation of Hi-Tech and start-up investors and companies in all types of investment and financing transactions.​We guide and support founders and entrepreneurs through financing rounds, executive compensation and employee benefit arrangements, commercial agreements and transactions, corporate partnering, intellectual property transactions and licensing arrangements with the ultimate goal of preparing each client for a successful exit or continued growth.

Our strong technological understanding allows us to understand the technological and business objectives of our clients and provide efficient and professional legal service.

Privacy Law & Data Protection

Our firm advises clients in all matters relating to privacy compliance (including local and GDPR compliance), data protection studies and assesments, audits, drafting and negotiating data processing agreements, preparation and implementation of website and app privacy policies, employments related issues such as monitoring employee e-mails, transfer of data outside Israel, registration of databases in Israel, and privacy related matters in the context of M&A transactions and other due diligence reviews.

We provide legal counsel on information system security, privacy and data protection as well as matters involving commercial cyber issues (including computer laws, dual-use technology export and cyber security regulation).

We are among the only firms in Israel to have the Certified International Privacy Protection certification in hand.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain practice at our firm is what makes our firm stand out. Due to our technical background and Adv. Solomon's position as the in-house legal counsel of Israel's first blockchain fund where Adv. Solomon has acquired valuable experience and is currently one of the most experienced practitioners in the world in the fields of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Our firm has vast experience in the drafting and negotiating of all sorts of cryptocurrency offerings, investment documents and transactions.

Our Cryptocurrency practice includes representation of investors in all forms of cryptocurrency investments, representation companies and entrepreneurs in all phases of initial coin offerings and pre-sale transactions.

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property practice includes advising entrepreneurs, software and technology companies, investors and service providers in all Intellectual Property matters and transactions (development, sale, licensing and settlements).

As our firm is an expert in representing hi-tech companies, whose primary asset is their intellectual property, we have acquired the expertise in protecting the brand and intellectual property interests or our clients when necessary and provide strategic counsel which aims to avoid, as well as resolve, intellectual property disputes.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm provides skilled advice in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, from structuring the deal, negotiating the terms and documents, conducting due diligence, preparing of disclosure documents, preparing shareholder communications, drafting of governmental filings and obtaining necessary approvals, through to consummation, transition and implementation stages of each transaction.Our cross-border legal service and a select number of practice areas enables our firm to provide expert advice to local and foreign clientele.

We have advised purchaser, target companies and investors on a broad range of M&A transactions, including share and asset sales, Mergers, joint-ventures and reorganizations.

Commercial Law

We advise out vast clientele in all sorts of commercial transactions, negotiating and drafting all sorts of commercial transaction documents.

Our clients are active in diverse fields such as software, medical devices, cryptocurrency and blockchain, gaming, consumer products, defense and homeland security, media, fintech and financial services, academy, healthcare and many more.

We provide ongoing legal support and advise our clients through all business phases from the development of their product to the negotiation of every transaction.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Our Life Sciences & Healthcare practice includes representation of companies, entrepreneurs and Investors in the fields of Healthcare, Medical Devices and Life Sciences and in all forms of transactions and proceedings.
We advise and represent clients in a wide spectrum of matters such as strategic licensing transactions and development, marketing or distribution agreements.

Pro Bono & Community Support

We firmly believe that pro bono work and contribution to the community are a privilege and are necessary for any business venture that wishes to maintain a positive and fruitful character. In our view, any business venture should aspire to affect its surroundings, clients, service providers and the people it is in contact with and spread a message of contribution to the community.

Our pro bono activities include providing help and assistance to non-profit organizations in Israel operating in fields we consider significant to Israeli society and its advancement, including legal advice to such organizations, mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs in innovation programs and providing legal assistance to the unprivileged.

Some of our activities include:

Combat Ventures - Supporting Combat Ventures, a non profit organization for the purpose of assisting veteran combat soldiers make their way into the entrepreneurship world.
Maof Tech Accelerators - Supporting Maoftech's accelerators in the periphery areas of the country and providing pro bono mentorship and guidance to the entrepreneurs of the accelerators.
Hazon Leumi - Supporting Hazon Leumi a non profit organization acting in academic institutions for zionist education and knoledge provision.

News & Publications

Here are some of our recent doings

Gil Solomon Judged in the Entrepreneuship Track Startup Competition at CSCML 2020

Date: July 2, 2020

Adv. Gil Solomon was among the judges in the Entrepreneurship Track Startup Competition at CSCML 2020. Adv. Solomon enjoyed listening to the various startups presenting some very interesting and revolutionary ideas.
This year, unsurprisingly, the contest was held on Zoom conference due to the Covid-19 limitations.

Mati Greenspan joins Chiliz and Socios as Global Advisor

Date: June 9, 2020

Had the pleasure to advise or clients,  Mati Greenspan and Quantum Economics, and in the closing of this collaboration! Quantum Economics will use its knowledge of the financial markets in order to blaze a trail for other analysts to follow this new class of digital asset trading, scaling the and platforms globally.

Chiliz is the company behind the fan voting & rewards platform, which allows fans to influence teams and earn rewards through digital assets called ‘Fan Tokens’. partners include UFC, major soccer clubs FC Barcelona ($BAR), Juventus ($JUV), Paris Saint Germain ($PSG), Atlético de Madrid ($ATM), AS Roma ($ASR), CAI Independiente ($CAI) and esports giants OG ($OG).

For the article at CryptoSlate click here.

Radd. just went live on Lala Anthony's Brand Website

Date: June 8, 2020

Sometimes you get to have a satisfying moment when you see clients, that you are working with since the inception of their idea, get to a point where they are not just taking off, but are already in orbit to become something big. This is one - Radd. We’ve been saying this for quite some time.
Radd. just went live on Lala Anthony's brand website. Utilizing the power of 10 million followers into the online store of Lala's brand. Totally radd.!

See the Company's announcement here.

Adv. Gil Solomon was on BlockTV

Date: January 16, 2020

Adv. Gil Solomon had some fun paneling on Blockchain on Booze today. The panelists discussed the rises in the crypto markets, self tokenization of athletes and the latest warning made by the SEC in relation to IEOs.

See the link below for the full episode.

To watch the full episode click here.

Coinspeaker: "Former eToro Analyst Mati Greenspan Set to Create Crypto Trading Videos on Cointelligence"

Date: January 16, 2020

Coinspeaker: "Former eToro Analyst Mati Greenspan Set to Create Crypto Trading Videos on Cointelligence"... or in other words, we advised Mati Greenspan, the founder of Quantum Economics, our clients, in closing a deal which will provide for their cooperation with our great friends at Cointelligence in educating traders through a unique course. Great things are happening for these two!

For the full article click here.

Adv. Gil Solomon was on BlockTV

Date: December 12, 2019

Adv. Gil Solomon had some fun paneling on Blockchain on Booze last week with a group of some very fascinating people! The panelists discussed the possible decentralization of social media, China's control over the cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining, the U.S. approach and policy in connection to cryptocurrency and blockchain etc.

To watch the full episode click here.

Adv. Gil Solomon was on BlockTV

Date: November 14, 2019

Adv. Gil Solomon had some fun paneling on Blockchain on Booze today! Where the panelists discussed China's latest signals with respect to Bitcoin, the entry of Facebook and Google into the payments space and porn!

To watch the full episode click here.

Security Token Offerings: A Means to a Whole New Way of Doing Business

Date: November 5, 2019

In his article that was published on Cointelligence, Adv. is sharing his insights on how security token offerings are more than just safer initial coin offerings, but rather a means to a whole new way of doing business.

For the full article click here.

Adv. Gil Solomon and Adv. Aviya Arika were on BlockTV

Date: September 22, 2019

Adv. Gil Solomon and Adv. Aviya Arika have participated in the last episode of Blockchain on Booze where they provided their insight on some of the latest happenings in blockchain.

To watch the full episode click here.

We have Been ranked and Recommended by Global Law Experts!

Date: July 5, 2019

Our firm has been recognized as a recommended firm in the fields of Corporate and High Tech by the prestigious Global Law Experts guide. Adv. has been recognized as a recommended attorney in the fields of Corporate and High Tech as well.

See our page in the Global Law Experts guide here.

Adv. Gil Solomon has participated as a speaker at the "Blockchain: Disrupted Technology" event.

Date: May 24, 2019

Earlier today, during the "Blockchain: Disrupted Technology" event at the College of Law and Business Ramat Gan, Adv. Gil Solomon has participated in a panel discussion over the lessons learned from the experience with cryptocurrency, where he shared with the audience his view on cryptocurrency investments, scam ICOs and blockchain technology.

Malta in a leading position and it comes as no surprise

Date: February 10, 2019

In his article that was published on Cointelligence, Adv. Gil Solomon contributes his insight on the reasons attributing to Malta being a leading force in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

For the full article click here.

Woojer's Ryg Starts Shipping to Clients Worldwide!

Date: February 7, 2019

Congratulations to our client Woojer for finalizing the production of the company's flagship product - the Woojer Ryg Vest (which, by the way, is an amazing product - trust us, we tried it ourselves) and shipping of the Ryg Vests to the Company's Kickstarter backers!

See the company's video of this great achievement here.

Ga2Tech Launches and We're Mentoring!

Date: December 19, 2018

Congratulations on behalf of us to Ga2tech accelerator (managed by Tal Catran) for its launch! As firm believers in early stage ventures we are happy to offer our services and mentorship on a pro bono basis to the founders and startups that will be accepted to Ga2tech.

Satriun Group and its fruitful cooperation with SAP have been featured in Sponser

Date: November 16, 2018

Excited to share an article published by Sponser on our client, Satriun Group, and its fruitful cooperation with SAP in Israel. Satriun Group designs and implements Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. Satriun Group brings together the necessary expertise for Financial Management, Regulatory Support, Information Technology and Change Management, maximizing the success and value added of Satriun Group's customers' CPM projects.

For the full article click here.

We have advised Papaya Gaming in closing a pre-token sale seed round of $1,000,000.

Date: May 27, 2018

Congratulations to our client, Papaya Gaming, an Israeli company, for raising a successful pre-token sale seed round of $1,000,000 in consideration for tokens and shares.Papaya Gaming offers a blockchain platform for in-game tournaments, for both real-money and cryptocurrency, into existing mobile games - increasing the players’ retention and engagement through competitions, challenges and tournaments.

Israeli Cryptocurrency Regulation to Be Delayed

Date: July 11, 2018

Adv. Gil Solomon, on the latest crypto-related legislation delay and it effects on cryptocurrency issuers in Israel - on Finance Magnates.
For the full article click here.

Cryptocurrency – An Industry Undergoing Constant Legal Evolution

Date: May 27, 2018

In his article that was published today on Finance Magnates, Adv. Gil Solomon contributes his insight on the latest developments of the cryptocurrency industry and how the fast pace of the industry is forcing companies, legal professionals and consumers, to think on their feet and evolve quickly. For the full article click here.


These are some of the things our clients have to say about us:

Sivan Baram, CEO @ Radd.

" Gil is one of a kind. I am highly privileged to have Gil as my start-up's attorney. Gil is not only an extremely charming and pleasant individual, he is also an exceptional attorney with sharp instincts and an unbelievable work ethic. It looks like Gil and I will work together for as long as he is a lawyer :) I see him as an integral and extremely valuable part of our start-up.
I highly recommend working with him and his awesome team. "  

Mati Greenspan, CEO @ Quantum Economics

" Gil is Awesome!!!
My company Quantum Economics is using him exclusively on each new partnership we forge with great success. Having someone who knows all the ins and outs of this particularindustry is invaluable. Knowledge. Timely. Efficient. "

Oriel Bachar, CEO, Papaya Gaming

" Working with Gil, has been one of the most satisfying experiences. He is a one-stop-shop boutique law firm that is always three steps ahead. The unique devotion and level of responsiveness makes you feel safe. Highly recommended. "

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