We are Gil Solomon & Co.

Our firm was founded in order to do something different, to combine legal expertise with a dynamic, young, up-to-date and client-friendly conduct. While doing so we are still maintaining legal professionalism and expertise, responsive, transparent and caring service and a hands-on approach.

From the moment you start working with us you will get the notion that we are cut from a different cloth. We take pride in being technologically oriented, with professional technological background and our staff are seasoned professionals that have been practicing law in the country’s leading firms prior to their work in our firm.​

Our excellence and expertise have been recognized by the prestigious Dun's 100 ranking which ranked our firm as one of the prominent firms in Israel.

Our firm is also a proud member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium along with some of the leading legal firms of the world.

We are also a community minded firm and as such, we donate as much as we can from our time and efforts to various causes and non-profit organizations on a pro bono basis. To better know our firm and approach, we encourage you to read our Core Values that guide us in all of our engagements and in advising our clients.