We are Looking for the Best Among the Best.

We are looking for the best among the best.
This is not a cliche - we are indeed looking for the best to join us and would settle for nothing else - we are looking for people similar to our partners to become the next partners at our firm over time.

Basic Requirements:
* Must be fluent in English at a mother tongue level or very close to it.
* For associates High-tech, corporate, blockchain, intellectual property or commercial experience is a must.

The perfect recruit in our view would be having the following attributes (some may be acquired through training and some are natural - we can do with both):
* A person with love for tech and business and with desire to mix them with legal work.
* A hard worker with an obsession for learning and professional progress.
* A team player.
* A multitasker.
* A person that contributes to the Israeli society - Active reserve service is a huge advantage as our firm highly encourages reserve service as well as other forms of contribution to the Israeli Society.
* A 'people's person' - we are in the people business and are looking for people that are fun to work with and that would serve our clients with a smile.
* A person that can handle pressure and intensity and learn new things on the go. Due to the very stressful nature of some of our transactions and the matters under our care, experience in dealing with complex and stressful situations is a must, therefore being a graduate of combat or other quality army or civil service would pose a significant advantage (we are however open to other civil examples that would demonstrate the same qualities).

If you are all of the above and you believe that you are a good fit for our firm, contact us at: and let us know you exist :)